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Taking control of your finances has never been easier. We’ve reimagined the traditional bookkeeping process, making it more accessible and attainable for online business owners like you. No matter where you’re located, you’ll have complete access to remote bookkeeping services and proven strategies that are effective and efficient. With us, financial freedom will finally be within reach.

Meet Your New Bookkeepers

Denise and Leesa of Barrons Bookkeeping

We have a feeling that crunching numbers, building robust spreadsheets, and tracking ever-changing financials aren’t really your thing. Leave it to us; remote bookkeeping is what we do best! We work virtually with online entrepreneurs and freelancers, adding a personal touch to everything we do. It results in clean, up-to-date books you can depend on.

Denise and Leesa

Why Work With Us


Tax-Ready Financials

Are you tired of leaving your financial tasks until the last minute? We’ll make sure you’re prepared for tax season while improving your day-to-day bookkeeping.


Two Financial Partners

As a bookkeeping duo, we personally work with each client to manage their books. We don’t outsource our work, and we’ll always be your main points of contact.


Completely Remote Team

Working remotely means we can collaborate with you regardless of location. No matter if you work in a home office or from a laptop as you travel, we’re here for you.


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