Why Create a Bookkeeping Index?

On December 22, 2020

Why create a Bookkeeping Index in the first place, and who’s it even for?

These are great questions. Basically, you’ll want to create the Bookkeeping Index for yourself.

As someone who has more than one thing going on at one time, I can say that having a Bookkeeping Index for my own business has given me peace of mind. Beyond my own experience, I’ve found that creating customized Indexes for my clients helps me sleep at night.

Maybe you’re like me and have a few scatterbrain moments throughout the day. It’s only natural when you wear a lot of hats in your business!. I usually like to work on a lot of things simultaneously but not necessarily from start to finish. If it wasn’t for the Index, I would lose sight of what to do, where I left off, and how to get my workflow back on track. 

As remote bookkeepers, we create Indexes for our clients so they don’t have to memorize the entire bookkeeping process (because who has the time and bandwidth for that, right?). 

Then,our clients can focus on their business with the comfort of knowing we are following the same procedures we talked about in our discovery call. The discovery call walks through the entire Index. We ask all of the questions upfront and the client answers as many as they can. We then follow up on the questions that didn’t get answered in the first call. All of this information is documented once so we never have to think about it again…until we need to. 

This can include: 

  • Contact information
  • Website information
  • Password and login information
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Frequently asked questions

You can even update procedures as your business evolves over time

As we work to understand your processes, you might discover a redundancy in the process. Having it documented will help you find those redundant inefficiencies so you can improve the process. 

Building a streamlined, consistent process saves time and money. It saves time by setting up the process ahead of time so you aren’t repeating steps. And we all know saving time saves money.

It’s good to remember that auditors look for inconsistencies. These are the red flags they want to find and analyze. If your bookkeeper is following the procedures documented in the Index, there is little space for them to become inconsistent or raise a red flag. This gives our clients peace of mind. 

Are you interested in creating a Bookkeeping Index for your online business? 

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