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Introducing the Bookkeeping Index

a.k.a. your best friend during tax season

What is a Bookkeeping Index?

A Bookkeeping Index is a step-by-step manual that keeps all of your accounting information and instructions in one convenient place. It’s created for your online business team but loved by your CPA and tax accountant.

Why Does My Business Need an Index?

An Index acts as your all-in-one financial guide, helping you find any information you need when preparing your taxes or doing your own bookkeeping. You’ll also have a set of directions to follow each month so your books always stay up-to-date.

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Barrons Bookkeeping has been a wonderful addition to our business!

Denise has all of our important accounting information—such as contacts, banking accounts, websites, passwords, etc.—all organized in one place. The Index serves as a great resource for us to find any and all information pertaining to accounting. Barrons Bookkeeping is efficient at working remotely while being available to us daily.

Kim Johnson from Executive Home Repair

Denise and Leesa

Why We Created the Bookkeeping Index

We believe in the Index so much that we’ve built the same resource for ALL of our ongoing bookkeeping clients! Having an Index helps us stay organized and ensure we—along with any other collaborators—have all of the accounting information and permissions we need to update our clients’ books. We wouldn’t want to do our work without it, and we think you’ll feel the same way!

Customize Your Own Bookkeeping Index

Learn more about personalizing our Index template to your small business by reading the blog